These are the

Benefits of hiring a wedding planner

Maybe you already thought about hiring a Wedding planner but you are still nnot sure if you really need one and if you really want to afford one. I can completely understand your point and planning the own wedding is something special! However, the time which you spend on planning a wedding is very often underestimated. Therefore, I ‘d like to show you some of the benefits a wedding planner has.

Here are some good points, why you should hire a wedding planner

It saves your


Did you know that it takes about 528h or rather said 22 days to plan a standard modern wedding? Not to forget that you’re planning your wedding besides your regular job. Venues need to be visited, vendors need to be sourced and contacted and so much more.


I’d like to give you more quality time by helping you plan your wonderful wedding.

I'll make the best out of your


How much you want to spend on your wedding is absolutely up to you, but I’m always going to keep an eye on your budget when sourcing the vendors and will make the best out of it. Ideally you tell me at the beginning which part of your wedding you consider the most important and where you are willing to spend more money (e.g. photography). Knowing this I can consider this when distributing the budget. And if you’re honest, that’s a really boring part in the wedding planning process anyway ;-).

I know the


Whether florists, cake artists, photographers or stylists – I’ve already built a big network of fabulous and professional wedding vendors (of which some have special prices when working with a wedding planner). Together they are the dream team, which make your dream wedding come true.

I avoid


Yes indeed, planning your own wedding can be stressful (in most of the times) and will costs you some nerves, also because you as a couple are not of one opinion (e.g. decoration, costs, etc.). I’ll take this burden off you, I’ll show you pros and contras when you disagree on certain matters and be your trouble shooter on your wedding day.

I'll take care of

you and your guests

As your Wedding Day Coordinator (almost) nothing can happen on your wedding day and you can enjoy this big moment to the fullest. Even though I’m powerless against storms, cloudbursts and other force majeure, I’ll do everything I can to make your wedding day perfect and an unforgettable experience.

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