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In order for your big day to be «unforgettable» (in the sense of positive events and without negative incidents), sufficient and precise planning is required. After all, you don't want and don't want your guests to have the cake arriving too late, the wrong music being played, the day being totally out of schedule or the photographer not knowing where to go. There are many mishaps that can happen during the wedding day.


And here I come into play. I’d love to support you on this way. Either with my Full-Service Wedding Planning or, if you’re passionate about organizing as well (which I can totally understand), then my Partial-Service Wedding Planning would be the right fit for you. On your wedding day I would be happy to stand by your side as Wedding Day Coordinator This way you can enjoy your big day and your celebration to the fullest, you can be your own guest and you don’t have to worry about anything.


Would you like to say yes to each other in a cozy togetherness and a breathtaking backdrop? Maybe one would be Elopement wedding something for you, so getting married without any guests and only with the two of you. We are happy to talk about this possibility together.


Before starting with planning your wedding, I’d love to meet you in a personal and free meeting (either virtual or in real life), to hear about your plans, your wishes, your do’s and don’ts. Learn more about the wedding planning process in my Workflow.


The wedding packages


Full-Service Wedding Planning

Within the Full-Service Wedding Planning I'd love to take over the entire planning, organization & conception of your wedding. Learn more about the details of this service.



Partial-Service Wedding Planning

Within the Partial-Service Wedding Planning I'm taking over just a part of the planning & organization of your wedding. You decide, which parts you'd love to plan and I'll take over the rest. See more information here.


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Wedding Day Coordination

Things can go haywire on the day of your wedding. On this day I'll be your Wedding Day Coordinator at your side and I also take care of your guests and the service providers.


Individual coaching for your wedding planning

Congratulations for engagement! If you are planning your wedding on your own but are unsure where to start or are looking for advice and creative ideas or simply want to clarify a few questions, then individual coaching for your wedding planning is just right for you.


How does working with a wedding planner work?